Blogs of RH builders, by model

Not all of these are current, and not all of them are even helpful.  I'll keep this updated indefinitely, so if someone new joins the fray or you know of one I don't have, let me know and I'll add it in!

(last update: 10/20/14)

Avalon Endeavor
Building a Ryan Home: Avalon
Building a Ryan Homes Avalon
Our Avalon Journey

Journey to our Courtland (w/ryanhomes)
Moving to the Country...
The Incredible Journey

Lot 106
The Courtland Gate on Lot 8

Our Dunkirk Ryan Home
Our Ryan Home: A Dunkirk Dream (started as a Florence)

Building our Ferncliff
Where the Ferncliff Grows

"Florentine Tales"...Memoirs of building our first home
Building a Florence with Ryan Homes 2013
Building our first Home - Florence
Building Our First House - With Ryan Homes
Building with Ryan (ThriftyAmy)
Building with Ryan (Charlie R)
Building our Ryan Homes Florence in Wild Wonderful West Virginia (Jul 2014)
Building with Ryan Homes - Florence
Building With Ryan Homes : Akron Ohio
Dreaming of a Ryan Homes Florence
Fancy' in Up Our Florence
Florence in Country Woods
From House to Home: Building a Ryan Home
From Philly to a Florence; Our Ryan Homes Adventure
Happily Ever Rushed (Nov 2014)
Journey to Building our Home
Meegan's Family: Building a Florence with Ryan Homes
Our Florence by Ryan Homes in Twinsburg OH
Our Journey to Florence - Building a Ryan Home
Our Path to Florence - Building a Ryan Home (Jun 2014)
Our road to a Florence (Jul 2014)
Ryan Homes Florence in Buffalo
Ryan Homes is where the heart is...
Sell. Move. Build.
The Newlyweds Build a Ryan Home!
The Ring's Florence by Ryan Homes
Thomases in The Florence

Adventures in Home-Building
Building a Jefferson with Ryan Homes
Building Our Jefferson
Building our Jefferson with Ryan Homes

Our First Home - Lincolnshire, Ryan Homes
Let's Build Our Ryan Home!

Building 221
Building a Milan with Ryan Homes
Building with Ryan Homes - The Road to Milan
Makin' Milan Memories
Mickie Ds Milan: Building with Ryan Homes
Once Upon A Milan
Our 1st New Home: Building a Ryan Homes Milan
Our New Home - Milan in Fairwood
Our New Ryan Homes Milan
Our Road to a New Home: Building with Ryan Homes
RVA City Milan.....Building a Ryan Homes Milan in Richmond, Va
The Milan - Our New Ryan Home!
The Milan Journey

Moving out of Alaska and building a Naples with Ryan Homes in SC (Feb? 2012)
Home Sweet Home... (Aug 2012)
Rosemont with Ryan Homes (Sept 2012)
Building A Naples in PA (Fall 2012)
Our Naples Adventure in Shorewood, IL! (invite only)
Sweet Home Carolinas (May 2014)
Our Journey to Naples (2015)

A Palermo with Ryan Homes
From The Ground Up
Moments that Matter Most
My First Palermo
New Beginnings in Our Palermo Ryan Home
The Cooper's First Home
The LeBlanc's Build A Palermo With Ryan Homes

A Majestic Ravenna-Building with Ryan Homes
Albaeck Army Adventure
Building a New House Ryan Homes Ravenna Model
Building a Ryan Home
Building a Ryan Homes Ravenna
Building and Blogging
Building House #2 With Ryan Homes "The Ravenna"
Building Our Next Home - The Ravenna
If You Could See What I See
It's all about my Ryan, home
Journey to Ravenna model with Ryan
Our Ryan Homes Adventure!
Rants and Raves of Ryan's Ravenna
Ravenna Speed
Road to the Ravenna
Stark Ravin' Ravenna
Team Parks Home Build
The Ravenna Rant

We're building a Ryan Home:Rome (Jun 2011)
Rome wasn't built in a day: Ryan Homes (Sep 2011)
Moving on up: Home in a Rome (Jan 2012)
When In Rome (Apr 2012)
Building with Ryan Homes (May 2012)
Home Sweet Rome (May 2012)
Ryan Homes Take 2 - Rome Model 2012 (May 2012)
Our Ryan Home: Kind of a Big Deal (Jul 2012)
The Adventures of Building our Rome with Ryan Homes (Aug 2012)
When in Rome…our journey with Ryan Homes (Aug 2012)
Give Us a Home...And Call It a Rome (Sep 2012)
Our Rome by Ryan Homes (Sep 2012)
Rome-ing In Richmond (Dec 2012)
Ryan Homes - Journey to Rome (Dec 2012)
the rome is our new home (Jan 2013)
All Roads Lead to Rome (Feb 2013)
Building The Rome with ryan homes (Feb 2013)
Rome Sweet Home (Feb 2013)
Another Rome (Mar 2013)
Rockin & A Rome-in (May 2013)
Building our Rome with Ryan Homes (Aug 2013)
From Here to Rome (Aug 2013)
Our Rome From Start to Finish (Oct 2013)
Rome Is Where The Heart Is (Oct 2013)
Building a Ryan Home: From... (Dec 2013)
Oh Rome, Sweet Rome, Will You Be Our New Home? (Dec 2013)
Rome was not built in a day. (?)
A Rome of Our Own (2014)
A Winding Road to Rome (Jun 2014)
Building Rome with Ryan Homes: Rome Sweet Home (Jul 2014)
Our Blue Rome Home Adventures (Sep 2014)
Honey, I'm Rome! (Nov 2014)
Building a Rome in Country Wood's with Ryan Homes (Fall 2014)

Home Sweet Ryan Home
Our Ryan Home
Savoy-r-ing The Moment - The Ryan Homes Experience
Savoy Ryan Home in Pittsburgh
What's Buzzin? We're Building a Savoy with Ryan Homes!

Building Sienna with Ryan
From Knot to Nest
Jeff and Jenny Build a Sienna
Newlyweds: Building the Sienna With Ryan Homes
On our way home...building with Ryan Homes!
SIENNA-Ryan Homes
The Baileys are Building with Ryan Homes!!!!!!
three angers in ohio

Our New Ryan Home
The Move to Cleveland...Our Adventure

Building our nest with Ryan Homes
Building the Taylor with Ryan Homes

A Ryan Homes Venice for our Duo
A Blog following building a new home from the ground up
A Home for the Morris'-Building our Venice
Building Venice in Maryland (Nov 2014)
Building with Ryan Homes and my Love
countdown to my ryan home
Flerchinger Dream House - Venice
My Journey to Venice
NEO Venice
oh hello venice
Our Building with Ryan Homes: Venice
Our First Home
Our Journey With Ryan Homes
our road to venice (SC that is...)
Our Venice Cottage
Our Venice Dream
Our Venice Home at Culpepper Landing
Our Venice in PA
Peace Out Philly...Venice Here We Come! (2015)
Ryan Homes - A Bit of Venice in the Country
Ryanhomes Venice Model - Pittsburgh
That's so Venice!
The Road to Venice.... Our experience building with Ryan Homes
The Stevenson's Venice
Venice Adventures
Venice Evolution
Venice in MD

"Castle Townsend"
A New Verona
Bahay Kubo In America (Verona)
Building a Verona with Ryan Homes (PINKRAGE)
Building a Verona with Ryan Homes (tourqeyes)
Building Our Ryan Verona
Building Our Verona
Building Our Verona with Ryan Homes
I'm going to go and be old now...
Muh-muh-muh-myyyy Verona (May 2014)
Our Journey to Verona
Ro's Road 2 Ryan
TA and Brian's New Ryan Home: Verona
That's right, it's another Verona!
Verona our first home

a Victoria Falls in Palmer Villiage
Builder's Blog
Building a Vic Falls with the Fergusons
Building Our Dream - Victoria Falls by Ryan Homes
Building our Ryan Home
Building with Ryan Homes - Victoria Falls
Building Our Victoria Falls
Building Our Victoria Falls with Ryan Homes
Home Sweet Victoria Falls
Journey to Victoria Falls on Tall Woods Way
Love... Life... And Our Dream Home... Here We Go.
Our journey in building our Ryan home..Victoria Falls!
Our Journey to Victoria Falls
Our Name is Victory (Oct 2014)
Ryan Homes Cobblestone - Building Our Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls Build Blog
Victoria Falls Here We Come!!!

172 Waverly
Building Our Home
Namma Waverly
Our Waverly
Ryan Homes - our Waverly

Building a Yorkshire
Building our Yorkshire with Ryan Homes
The Yorkshire Endeavor...

Armstrong - Yes! We're building a Ryan Home
Bainbridge Hall - Our Bainbridge Hall Adventure
Bridgeport -
Capri -
Castleton -
Dorsey Hall - My Chaotic World
Fairchild -
Fox Chapel - Over The Moon
Hemingway - Citrus + Spice
Highgrove  - High Hopes For Our Highgrove
James Joyce - Building Our James Joyce with Ryan Homes
Michener II - Building a Michener II
Misthaven - Building Our Green Community Ryan Homes Misthaven
Oakmont - The Oakmont
Olsen - Ohio Olsen - our second journey with Ryan Homes (2015)
Palmetto Grove - Ryan Homes Palmetto Grove
Pisa - Brandi Land
Sewickley - Our Sweet Sewickley
Shakespeare  - Shakespeare, Here We Come!!
Sorrento - Building a Sorrento
Zachary - Simply Stavish
Zachary Place - Bonds - Zachary

Hepburn - Home Sweet Townhome
Inglewood - Our First House - Building with Ryan Homes
Mozart - Building a Mozart with Ryan Homes
            - Building our Mozart - Composed with love, luck and a little bit of crazy
            - Building Our Ryan Homes Mozart!
            - Our Mozart Townhouse
            - The Simmons build a Mozart with Ryan Homes
Odessa - Its True!!! I Am Building MY Ryan Home
Picasso - Los Fregadero's Ryan Homes Condo
            - YES!!! We Are Building a Ryan Home CONDO!!!!
Rosecliff - Ryan Homes Nest Newbies
Roxbury - My very own Roxbury @ Amberleigh
              - The Journey Starts here...
Strauss - Our Strauss House 
One Life, Well Traveled (colonial style townhouse)
My Ryan Townhome Adventure

Building our new home, the Victoria Falls at the Berkshires Community
Building With Ryan Homes In Baltimore
Rome of our Dreams
Where the Sprouts Rome

Building the Savoy with Ryan Homes (two posts)
Dreaming of a Ryan Home (two posts)
I Dream of Beech Tree  (two posts)
Journey to Venice, by Ryan Homes  (one post)
New Crib with Ryan!  (two posts)
Our New Adventure  (four posts)
The T's Courtland Journey (zero posts)
Here We Come, Ryan Homes!  (three posts)
Dave and Venora's New Home (started with a Waverly but switched to Ryland Homes)

From Queens To Cobblestone
Let's build a Verona
On building our New Ryan Home
The Zuk's are building a Venice
There's No Place Like Home..
Our Ryan Home Venice


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  3. I love this list! I was so hoping to see a Springbrook on here but it looks like there aren't many of us. Maybe you can add my blog for future Springbrook builders. Follow us at

    1. You get to be the first! :) I hadn't even heard of the Springbrook until I was snooping through all the brochures in our model. It's a good-looking home!

  4. Great list!!! I was always on the hunt for other people building Zachary's when we were building our house and had a hard time finding any other blogs building our model.

    1. Lol...the first time I posted this, I had your blog as simply "single family" because I didn't know what your model was. We don't seem to have that model here in the Richmond area, as far as I can tell. Obviously I figured it out eventually. ;)

  5. This is great - thank you for taking the time to categorize all these sites by model !


  7. This is a great list. We are building a Victoria Falls and I just started a blog for it. Could you add

  8. This is a very helpful list. Thanks for taking the time to complile it. I'm just starting to build an Avalon. Feel free to post my blog to this list

  9. Thanks for putting this together.

    Here's us:

    1. Added! Congrats and good luck. :)

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  11. This is a fantastic list. Did not even know such a thing was compiled by anyone. Would you add our Victoria Falls blog to the list. Thanks.

  12. Hey just wanted to let you know that you have Charlie R and Thrifty Amy flipped. Thanks for including in your Florence list.

  13. This is an awesome list! Thank you! We are just getting started and we are building a Victoria Falls....

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  16. Hi Amanda, I just found you today. You did an awesome job in compiling the list! I would have sworn I had seen all the Victoria Falls blogs until I saw two here that I hadn't come across. We are building a Victoria Falls too in York PA, could you add my blog to your list? Http://

    1. Added! Glad to see this is still helping people. :)

  17. I just found your site and love what you've done! I'm learning so much and getting so many ideas...thanks for doing this!

    Please add me to your list I just started building a Rome in Charlotte, NC. My blog is:

    1. Added! Shortened your page title a bit, though... ;)

  18. I don't see our model Fox Chapel listed here. May be there isn't many of us. (Fox chapel is almost like the Oakmont model except it offers Laundry on the top floor. It's about 100sqft smaller than the Oakmont and about 10K cheaper)

    Please add me to your list:

  19. Great list! We have started one for our Milan build! Here you go!

  20. Love your blog! We are building a Richmond! We would love to be added to your list:

    1. Added! And I think we might be neighbors, from what I see in the background of your pictures... :)

  21. Hi my name is sarah! We are about to sign our contract to start building a sienna! :) id love to be added to your list :D

  22. Hi! Wow, great job on the list, this is amazing, thank you! Could you please add mine? We just broke ground this past Monday.

  23. Hi, my wife and I are building a Sienna. Could you add our blog as well?

  24. Awesome to see all the blogs listed in one place! Thanks for putting them all together.

    **Home in a Rome**

  25. we are building a victoria falls if you want to add our blog

  26. So exciting, a great resource! We are building a Rome, if you'd like to add it:

    1. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you add to the Rome conversation. :)

  27. Great blog. We just started building a verona in SC. If you want to add my blog

  28. I've added a couple blogs that snuck by me, so this should be up to date now.

  29. Hi, please add mine too! This is awesome.

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    I'm just starting a blog and was hoping you'll add mine! Thanks for making this list! It helped me out a lot!

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    1. Added! Your best bet would be to look at the most recent comments here for people working at the same time.

    2. Thanks so much Amanda! I'll check those out!

  31. This is so helpful! I've been looking for other bloggers with townhomes or who are currently building. I am new to this but we just started building our Mozart, could you please add me to your list?

  32. Hi! We just started a blog and we're building the Palermo! You can add us to the list if you want! Thanks!

  33. Great blog and thanks for keeping a list of blogs. All of them are very helpful. We just started the process and are building a Sewickley model, but we haven't seen many of these blogs, have you seen any? Could you please add me to your list so we can help other Sewickley builders? Thanks:-)

    1. That must be new, hadn't heard of it before! Added. :)

  34. Love the list Amanda. My wife and I are in the process of building a Florence, haven't even broke ground yet. Would love to be added to the list.

  35. Hi there, after reading all of the awesome Rome blogs, I decided to start my own! Could you please add me to the list Thanks!

    1. Added! Always happy to see another Rome blog! :)

  36. Hello all! Feel free to add/follow our blog as we build a Naples in Illinois. Myself and my wife are new to the "blogging world", so I apologize up front if it takes us a bit how to do everything. Thanks!

  37. Sorry. Here's the full link.

  38. Hey everyone! I'm just starting to blog for the first time! We are building a Lincolnshire (Single family home, first floor master) on the East Coast. Please add our blog and give us feedback! We need all the help we can get! :-)

  39. Great list you have compiled here and great blog.

    I'm a new blogger, please follow and give advice

  40. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for putting this together. Our model is currently only available on Ohio and we are the first people building it. It's called Olsen.

    Please Add us...Thanks!

  41. Hey there! Your blog was such a big help for us, I read everything! We are also building a Rome! We should be done by mid-November (fingers crossed!). Our blog is if you'd like to add it to the list. Thanks so much for keeping this list updated, it's a huge help!

  42. Love the list!!! So helpful. Thank you. Also love that you are adding the years! Really helpful in finding current blogs. :)

    1. Thanks! It occurred to me that the larger this list gets, the more out-dated some of the blogs will be. When I get all the years on I'll be putting them in date order rather than alphabetical, which will be much more helpful for new folks. :)

  43. Hi! Thank you so much for making this list! I'm glad to see there are other people still on here in going through the same things. Can you please add my blog? We are building a Venice C in PA.
    Thanks so much!

  44. Can you add my blog to your list? I think I've seriously looked at every single blog on here, lol!

    1. Added! Also found another Naples from your blog, so thanks for almost doubling the number of Naples blogs on the list. ;)

  45. I've looked at every blog on here as well! LOL Thanks for keeping a list. You can't get enough information when you're building. We have a blog as well, but it's not on blogspot so I don't know if you can add it. Feel free to check it out though. We chose the Venice and we close in two weeks! Eeeeeeek! So excited. Now I've been looking for decorating ideas :)

    1. Added! These are just links, so it doesn't matter who the host is. :) Congrats on your new house!

  46. Can you add my blog to your list? We just bought a LINCOLNSHIRE with a basement.

  47. Great blog! - We are documenting our Venice at