We're building a Rome, Elevation E, with side entry garage, per plan (edit: we're now reversed, but I haven't updated the pictures yet!).  As far as I can discover this exact format hasn't been blogged about yet, so here is the brochure drawing:

Elevation E - drawing

We are doing all siding in Irish Thistle, with Island Pearl as the accent shake siding in the upper middle.  Shutters and Doors will be Black; trim, garage door, and gutters will be white.  We have brick to grade in our community and we picked Grand Caramel.  It's the upper left in this picture...I left the others on there for comparision's sake:


Our roof color is Weathered Wood:
(who's taking bets on whether this is Autumn Beige siding?  :D  )

Here is my artistic rendering of what our house will look like:
elevation E - colors
Obviously that's not going to be EXACT, but it's roughly what it'll look like on the outside.  Only more three-dimensional.

Inside is pretty standard for the Rome...elevation E does have extra square footage in the loft (2 foot bump) and bedroom four (1 foot bump).  We upgraded the master bath to the shower stall with a bench and put jets in the tub, and did the double-bowl vanity in both bathrooms.

Top floor:
Non-standards: raised the dryer vent three feet above plan (no charge), centered the laundry room door on the wall (on the version we first saw it was centered, but the version when we signed had it all the way on the end - $200)

We got the gourmet island, 42" cabinets, morning room, extra windows in morning room and family room, recessed lights in the kitchen (plus a couple extra for pendants down the road), double-patio door on morning room (instead of slider), 12x14 wood deck (not pictured because I'm not sure what it'll look like).
Main floor:

Non-standards:  put a single oven in the island (more on this in another post - $2250), removed mudroom closet ($200), put the laundry tub in the garage (apparently we can no longer get it in the laundry room for some reason, so no charge beyond the cost of the tub itself), extra coach light outside garage (standard is we only get one on one side, $300).  We're getting the gas range, so we also have the alternate microwave location, which is fine with me because I don't really want it above the range anyways.  Here's the alternate location for the Rome (this is a home we walked through when deciding our floor plan...I think that might be our cabinet choice, too):


We got a finished basement as part of our incentive package (along with $7500 towards upgrades), and put in a powder room and recessed lights.  Since we have a walkout, we don't have to have a sump pump, apparently.  Basement:


Non-standard:  moved walkout door from the side of the morning room to the back (no charge).

Inside finishes:
Manchester Gunstock hardwood flooring (base level hardwood)
2nd level carpet (beige pictured, but I might be changing the upstairs to a light gray)
6lb carpet pad
base level vinyl
upgraded master bath tile (not sure what level...2 or 3, I think)
black appliances
Blue Storm laminate countertops
Wyoming Cherry Bordeaux cabinets (bathrooms will have the basic maple spice)
oil-rubbed bronze everything (the only metal thing not ORB should be the kitchen sink)


We're getting ethernet ports put in 4 rooms, wiring for surround sound in the basement, and a central vacuum.


  1. Hey there Amanda! I know that in your blog and also in our chance meeting at the Rome model you talked about having the oven in the island. I am thinking about having a wine refrigerator installed and was looking at some of the sizes. How big is the oven that you are installing and did they have to eliminate the cabinets on the other side to accommodate?

    1. I really need to do the oven post, don't I! lol In any case, here is the cabinet that's going in: and here is where I found that picture if you want to see what the other options are:

      If you look at the picture up there that has my older boy in it, the two-door cabinet right next to his head is the one where the oven is going. I didn't think there were any doors/drawers on the other side of that cabinet, but the virtual tour shows some...I'll have to find out what's happening there, so thanks for making me see that! :)

    2. There aren't any cabinets on the other side. They have doors on the other side, but you can't open them. I guess it's just for show.

    3. Actually, they DO least at my model they do. I took a bunch of pictures with all the doors open and drawers pulled out, I'll post them soon. Those cabinets are just 12 inches deep.

    4. Thanks for the information! I forgot to ask my SR about this so I guess if I still want that wine rack in the island that I will have to do a change order (which, of course means more $$). BTW- I love the panorama pics! Thanks for doing so much leg work on the cabinets and opening all of them to see the storage space. I am thinking about adding some of those same features (pull out recycling and others) but feel pretty confident that this will be a weekend DIY project for the hubby after we move in=)

    5. Lol...can I borrow him to install them for us, too? That's not really my husband's cup of tea! :) I'm a little nervous now that there was some kitchen upgrade or something with those drawers...I'll have to double-check with the SR to find out if what I saw is what we're getting.

  2. Hey Amanda, first of all you have the most awesome blog out there! I use it as a reference everyday, we are building in one of the many Ryan homes development in Richmond too. We are also building a en elevation E with a side garage and wanted to move the basement sliding door from the side to the end, like in you diagram above. We were told it would cost us $1,200 to do it! You did it at no charge? I wanted to ask my SR and PM about this and reference your blog. Please enlighten me how you did it? Thanks.

    1. I'd have to go dig out the paperwork, but it most assuredly was not $1200! I'm pretty sure it was no charge, since that's what I put in this post back when the paperwork was in front of me. :)

  3. My husband and I are getting ready to build with RH in Richmond, too! Your blog is fun and very helpful. Thanks for sharing your journey :)