Helpful Links & Tips

Here are some super handy posts by other bloggers:

Thomas's list of things to think about when customizing your home
Thomas's final walk-through checklist
Tammigirl's List of Non-standards that other bloggers have gotten approved

Other outside sites of interest:
Ryan Homes appliance, flooring, and counter information (not working as of 10/14/2012)
Ryan Homes online service request and warranty information site
Geodeck - Ryan's composite decking company (at least in Richmond, VA)
Timberlake Cabinetry


Please disable word verification.  It makes it hard for people to comment, and you might lose valuable info because someone got fed up with it.

How to add the Followers widget

How to add a countdown widget on your blog:
Click the Widget on my blog to go to their website
Select the countdown widget that you like (you can customize any widget to say anything, or search for "closing" if you want to find one already made)
Click the link "....choose your date and text" under the widget you have chosen (if you don't see that, click on the widget to get to its personal page, then click on the "customize this widget" button to the right)
Choose your date and enter your text
Change the patterns & colors if you so desire
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will notice a box that says:
Copy the html etc
Select all the text and copy
Now...return to your blog
Click the Design button at the top of your main blog page
Select the layout button
Click on Add Gadget
Scroll down until you see: html/javascript - third party
Click the plus sign button, paste your countdown URL in the box
(thanks to RickandNadase for the directions, I edited them somewhat because apparently I couldn't follow her directions correctly and did it a different way!)


  1. The "Ryan Homes appliance, flooring, and counter information " link has been having trouble and returning an error for a while, not it says "site maintenance", so I don't know if it will come back or if it's lapsed.

    1. Yeah, same here. It was really out of date anyways. Maybe they'll bring it back bigger and better!

  2. Girl how to you get your tabs at the top, I want to do a timeline and cant figure it out????

    1. Those are Pages. When you're in the Pages management screen, there should be a place where it says "Show Pages as:" with the options Tabs, Sidebar, and Don't Show. The order they are in on your pages screen is the order they'll show up on the blog.

      Sorry if that's kind of vague, but I don't know if I have the new blogger or the old blogger, and I don't know if YOU have the new or the old, and so I don't want to confuse you by telling you exactly where it is on the version I have. :)

  3. Happy to send you pictures of M elevation, both front-entry and side-entry, if you are interested - both in the Richmond suburbs!

    Mick R