Monday, November 19, 2012

Snug as a bug in a rug

Due to circumstances outside my control (darn preschool events and bronchitis and sick pets!), I was unable to get out to the house for my usual Friday update.  I was really bummed, but also really stressed, so it was probably just as well that I didn't try to add one more thing to the to-do list.  So as a family we went by the house this weekend, and FINALLY saw some work done!  I'd say we're about 97% insulated...they obviously can't do the attic until the second floor ceiling is installed, and the two storage areas in the basement still need to be done, but the main living areas are all set.  Several people have mentioned the need for spray foam behind outlets etc, and I think our PM was way ahead of us there.  There was bright orange foam everywhere I looked, including places I wouldn't have thought to put it.

Drywall has been delivered, piles and piles of it, as well as mounds of joint compound.  Boxes of siding are sitting out in the yard waiting for their day in the sun (ha!).  I didn't think to check the color or take pictures of it until it was too late, though.  :(

And now, for thrilling and exciting pictures of Spray Foam Stuff!
Insulated garage (and drywall on the floor!)

Spray Foam Stuff around the pipes...on the right is our laundry tub, no idea
what the left is but I need to find out!

More Spray Foam Stuff around pipes, I believe I'm on the main floor here.

Insulated front hall, and if you look close there's a line of
orange Spray Foam Stuff along some pieces of wood.

Some sort of Spray Foam Stuff along the window in the living room

Spray Foam Stuff behind the box where our morning room light switch will be

Spray Foam Stuff around pipes in our kitchen ceiling

Spray Foam Stuff around the pipes in the laundry room

Spray Foam Stuff where the HVAC stuff comes out of the wall (and stuff)

Our siding, and does anyone else think the location of the cable box is a liiiiitle close to our driveway?
(The PM is already on it)

We have a front door!  It'll be black eventually.

I fully expect this blog post to shoot to the top of the rankings anytime someone googles Spray Foam Stuff now.  :)  Hopefully today they got a lot done on our house, so that the next time I go the pictures will be a liiiiitle more exciting!

Neighbor watch:

Jessica's lot has a hole! (and my shadow!)

For Isz:
The alcove wall from the front hall/living room

The alcove wall from the kitchen


  1. Your house is looking real good. Good luck on the rest of the journey. Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

  2. So exciting! I was reading about your insulation and in our basement, they did not insulate the storage areas. In one area, where the water heater and electrical box is, they put wrapped the walls in a thick batting type of product (no clue what it is) but I was thinking fire proof something... but in the other storage space, there is nothing.

    1. We're supposed to have insulation in all exterior walls. The storage areas will get astronaut looks puffy and silver. There should be pictures of it in the model pics tabs. Strange that yours isn't insulated!

    2. The stuff we got in our one is puffy and white but nothing yet in the other storage room. I will have to check on that.

  3. Sometimes it is so hard to compare our selves to others...we all want the same thing and it just doesnt get offered all over the place, sometimes knowledge is a bad thing.......LOL

    BTW, moving along, you still on target to close?

    1. What, you want some Spray Foam Stuff for your house? I could send you some! ;)

      I haven't heard anything to make me think we're delayed. Hopefully they'll keep us updated.

  4. Progress is moving along nicely!! I have to admit the orange stuff was an interesting touch! Our PM gave us a complete run down of the insulation process leading up to the drywall. It was nice to see that they covered up those gaps. I really wished that I had some on hand because there were spots way at the top of the garage that did not get the spray foam.

    Did you check on your sprinker system? I know the state of Maryland requires it in every home.

    1. Shoot, I forgot to ask about the sprinkler! It doesn't look to me like we got one, although the kitchen area does have a few narrow white pipes running through the ceiling. Do you get it through the whole house, or just the kitchen?