Thursday, December 6, 2012

Git'er done (and a photo tip!)

My dad came down for a visit today, so we trucked out to see what we could see at the new house.  Lucky for us, the PM pulled up right as we were walking to the house, so we were able to walk around inside!  We wouldn't have dared by ourselves, the place was the busiest I think I've seen it since the framers left.  They've got a lot going on...they've put in our porch steps (which I didn't know would be brick - I love it!) and spread gravel for the concrete interior of the porch, as well as for the walkway.  The plan is to pour it today or tomorrow, and I'm assuming once that's cured they can put in our columns and finish that off.  They're waiting on another cabinet to arrive, plus there's a door that is broken and needs to be replaced, but the appliances are in house and ready to be installed.  There were a ton of workers bringing in our hardwood flooring, so that's going to go in in the next couple days, and the HVAC guy was doing the finishing touches in preparation for the electricity going on this afternoon!  Hopefully that happened.  :)  The framing guy was hard at work fixing our laundry door (I didn't take pictures of that, out of respect) and I was able to tell him which way I wanted the door to open, so now it'll open out into the loft rather than inward to the laundry room.  Much more appropriate to how I do things. Which reminds me, our master bath door opens out into the bedroom, not inward to the shower stall...and I didn't even have to ask.  :)  The garage door is in the garage waiting to be installed.  The remaining pieces of trim that go above the windows are backordered (even one of the closed houses is missing some of those, apparently), the boys' bathroom is sans sink, the asphalt guy is apparently in high demand (apparently there's only one GOOD asphalt guy in town, and all the builders want him) so who knows when that'll go in, and I haven't seen any carpet yet, but all in all it's getting done!

I did go dumpster diving, in full view of everyone, to get a sample of our bathroom tile and listello.  And then my 4 year old tried to go dumpster diving too.  Fun times.

I'm being picky with my pictures now, since I'm approaching the photo storage limit (more on that below!), but here are a couple for you.

Spot 1

We have more porch!

Ready to pour the porch

Ready to pour the walkway

Garage door waiting

Tiled but not grouted in the master

Our double sinks, I can't wait!

Photos tip for my fellow RH bloggers:
To see how close you are to your limit, sign in to your Blogger (or Google) account then go here:
The box that says Free will show you the percentage of your storage that's in use.

If you're approaching your limit, you CAN get more space by deleting files (I just tested it).  To do that go here:
Click on the album that is your blog name, and all the pictures you've posted to your blog will come up.  If you click on any one of them it will go to a single-pic view page, and under Actions you can choose Delete This Photo.  You can also, from the multi-pic view page, click on Organize, then delete many pictures at once, but those thumbnails are TINY and I couldn't be sure I was deleting the right ones.

My advice?  If you have a ton of pictures and they're mostly of the same thing...pare them down to one or two.  I'm going to be deleting the Model Panorama - Reversed tab, because really it's the exact same pictures as the Per Plan, and I need the space for the last two weeks of my build...and after!  :)  Find the posts that have the most pictures, and pare them down.  And then be picky about what photos you post from here on out!

**edited to add: Aand M posted about re-sizing your pictures in the comments of this post on Nadase's blog.


  1. The house is looking great!

  2. I just realized that we picked the same tile for a master!! My what good taste you have. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. Haha...I can't claim good taste, we just said give us what's in the model. We did change the listello, though. :)

  3. Thanks for the google tips. I didn't even know I had picasa, and I've been stingy with pictures so far but it's good to know.

    I've also seen a blog or two that actually link to an external photo stream. I can't remember what it was called, but that might be an option for the bigger tours?

    1. The add picture function has several options, but uploading them to Blogger is by far the easiest. When I started this blog I linked every individual picture from my Flickr stream...the two downsides are that you have to do each one by itself, and you can't do a slideshow of all the pictures in the post. Clicking on the image takes you to Flickr, or wherever the file is hosted.

    2. Are you sure you have to link them each separately? I followed somebody's flicker link and there are forward and back arrows up near the top that I can use to flip to consecutive uploaded photos. Photobucket sprouts arrows on either side of the shot if you mouse over. That doesn't help if you actually want to show them all in your blog post, but if you just want them accessible to people who'd like to look at them it's a possibility.

    3. I did mean the blog, yes. With Flickr if you used those arrows you'd see pictures of my kids interspersed with the house pics. And while that doesn't necessarily BOTHER me, it's not really my intent to have kid pics on my blog. :)

      I could probably put a link to a set of pics on Flickr, but then I wouldn't even have a thumbnail of each picture on the blog. It's an interesting problem! But Aand M's tip might be the easiest solution.

  4. Hehe... it's an epidemic, I'm at 94%!!!

  5. Aand M posted a tip about resizing photos over on Nadase's blog, too, in the comments:

  6. I am jealous that you are getting your drive and walkway poured. Our PM says we won't get ours til spring. We've been in the house one week and I am sweeping and mopping a couple times everyday because of all the dust and mud. I would think Virginia and NE Ohio are similar in weather. We've had a few cold days but nothing extreme. Also, I find it odd that your bath door swings out and ours goes in. Looking at our master bath floorplans, we are very similar but ours shows the door swinging in. Isn't that weird? Wish I noticed it earlier.
    Btw, I love how you take pics from the same spot.. What a cool photo progression that will make.

    1. Perhaps it's our little sub-climate in Richmond? I know we don't get many days or even nights below freezing most winters. Last winter was downright balmy, in fact.

      I need to update my progression pictures, I'm waaaay behind on those. :)