Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The're supplying...'s ELECTRIFYING!

I went by the house this morning after dropping the son off at preschool, and found a ton of new stuff!  Unfortunately I forgot to put the memory card back in my nice camera, so you'll have to settle for iPhone pics.  I'll take better ones next time!  The card has already been replaced.

New today:  gutters!  driveway! garage lights! lamppost! front doorknobs and doorbell! lights on! microwave installed! toilets in!

Spot 3

Our teeny tiny asphalt driveway

Our twin garage lights (only one comes standard, we had to special request the second one)

Lamppost!  Standard in our community.

Our front door is almost complete...just needs that coat of black paint.

I'm pleasantly surprised by our dining room chandelier.  I can live with this for a good long while, I think.

Our hallway boob lights

Stairwell light from below

Stairwell light from above, and our capped wall (standard...railings are usually an upgrade)

Powder room

Microwave installed and powered on (still no sign of counters, though...)

Master vanity (and lights that point up...we didn't request that, M!)

Master shower (still waiting on glass surround, which I only just realized!)

Finally an unbroken sink in the boys' bathroom

I'm digging the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures!

The infamous laundry door has been fixed, but not yet cleaned up

Our non-standard request to raise the dryer vent was accommodated without charge.  Since we
have a stacking  w/d, I asked that it be in the middle in case down the road we get the
side-by-side kind.   Though that might not look too good, since it's so high up!

Let's we still need counters, the kitchen sink & faucet, stove & oven need to be installed, grout in the master bath flooring, a gazillion wall touch-ups, final grade, landscaping & sod, some cabinets need repair/replace, trim over window exteriors, a couple shutters, trim-type stuff around garage door (pretty sure it's not supposed to be a big gap there, see garage lights picture above), banisters stained, towel bars & toilet paper holders installed...did I miss anything?  Given how quickly they managed this much, I guess they MIGHT be able to get it all done in time...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I thought of you this afternoon, when I realized that the lights in my current bathroom point down. You're officially infamous! :D

  2. Wow lots of surprises! Looks great!

  3. I love showing up to the house with surprises! Today, I met with the custom closet representative and found the appliances installed. Totally, surprised! However, they have the wrong color dishwasher--black instead of stainless.

    Still can't wait to see the oven in the island.

    btw-I thought I was the only one that called the mounted lights (tits) lol

    1. haha...I saw on one of the blogs a huge warning to NOT get the boob lights in the basement, because 6-8 of them in a row looks just like an udder. Or whatever the equivalent is for cats/dogs etc. :)

    2. LOL LOL I actually saw them in a basement here in the community and I was horrified!! It didn't matter though because I knew we were getting the recess lights.

      Actually, we still have the boob lights in the house they are just ORB boobs in the entry foyer. LOL

  4. Thanks for all the pics! Good luck... I started worry about you too when we got so far ahead, and we don't have a basement. I really hope you make your date!

    1. I talked to the PM today, and he's still confident. They really are making a ton of progress every time I go out there! And according to our LO we're still good to go with them. When do you settle?

  5. Looks great. I love the nice sweeping driveway. Just be careful with those utility things right by the driveway. Knowing my luck I would back into them.

    1. We're insisting they get moved. Unfortunately that's not something the PM has control over, as they're installed by the cable and Verizon people. Who are apparently not returning phone calls. If we can't get them moved we'll have to build something really tall around them, so that we see where they are, because I guarantee they'd be hit at least once a month!