Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pre-construction meeting

So!  We had our pre-construction meeting on Friday.  They told us it would take an hour and a half, and that was pretty much exactly how long it was.  It was a bummer for me, because Friday was my son's first real day of preschool...I left him crying his eyes out and had to have someone else pick him up.  :(  But it was the only time we could do the meeting because my husband has a lot of travel coming up.

There weren't too many surprises at this meeting, and since I was frazzled by the preschool problem I didn't have my punchlist with me.  Basically what happened was that we went through each line item one by one and made sure that we (PM, SR, my husband and I) were all on the same page.  All the non-standards were double-checked against our change order and the drawings we had made.  At the end he went through a checklist form to make sure he'd covered everything he was supposed to.  I was amused by two entries on there, and anyone else who has read a bunch of the other blogs probably will be, too:

Safety: A Ryan Homes Employee must accompany customers through homes under construction.

Outside Construction: Customers or their agents are not allowed to work in the home prior to settlement.

I wonder why they would have put those in there?  :D  I don't think either of those will be a problem, since I will almost always have a toddler with me and I wouldn't want to chance unsafe conditions, and we don't have any ninja garage-insulating plans!

Once we'd gone over all the paperwork we went and walked the lot.  I don't know if the corner markers were there when we'd walked it previously, but this time we specifically looked for them.  I took pictures, but they're pretty meaningless since it's just a bunch of trees!  But you can look at them (and a bunch of other house-related pictures) on my Flickr stream if you're curious.

I also took my pictures from "The Spot" but I will have to have two Spots for the time being.  The first one is from a manhole cover in the center of the cul-de-sac, but I have a feeling the house will not be facing it squarely, so I have a backup Spot from across the street just in case.  It's also possible that I won't always be able to take a picture from one or the other, so at least this way I will hopefully be able to get all the action!

Spot A:
(if you see the little red mark on the curb to the left, that's the edge of our lot)

Spot B:
(the little green mark on the curb to the right is the edge of our lot on this side)

My younger son and I will be at the lot every Wednesday and Friday while the older son is in preschool, so the pictures will be plentiful.  Assuming there's a Ryan Homes Employee available to walk with me!  :D


  1. Like the location, Amanda!! When do you break ground? Isn't all the workers at the site RH employees? If that's the case you can visit anytime. :-)

  2. Oooo, I like how you think! If I get caught that's what I'll say. :D

    1. LOL Trust me, I will be saying the same thing! Event if they are contractors, they are still contracted out to the company, and employed by the company!

    2. lol...unfortunately they already know my schedule, so it's unlikely I'll ever have to use it. But it's always good to have an ace in your back pocket!

  3. Hi Amanda will you be able to post the Rome model pictures on your blog tab? Please share the names of the communities that have the Rome model for viewing. Thanks a million!!