Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doo DOO Doo doo, Doo DOO Doo...

(that's supposed to be the Jeopardy music...I'd have kept going but three notes was all I could work with!)

We got a call from our SR today, apparently we've shown up on the schedule to tentatively have our pre-construction meeting next week!  Exciting stuff!  But that's all the news I've got.

Sorry about the silence over here...I've got a couple of posts planned, but time has been scarce here lately and it's going to be even scarcer until next week.  If I get a chance to put one up I will, but we're going out of town so internet access will be problematic!


  1. That is great news, Amanda!! Congratulations on getting your pre construction meeting.

    We seem to be doing the same thing. I have a couple of blogs to post; however, I do not want to release them until I here from my SR regarding the front porch.

    We are leaving out of town this week too. I plan to have my laptop in toll just in case we here back from our SR regarding the porch. We are scheduled to break ground in two weeks contingent on the porch approval. Don't want to miss that email or phone call!!

  2. We are in the same stage... waiting for our pre-construction meeting. I think ours will likely be towards the end of September though.

  3. I hear ya. We've been silent too, and have our per-settlement walk through Friday. We are so close it's scary.