Monday, October 8, 2012

Double Down

We were going to go and check on the house today and see if anything had been's been cold and rainy since yesterday morning and I'm not sure what conditions they work under.  On our way out the door I had an epiphany:  we have a PM!  he has a cell phone!  and I have the number to it!  So I gave him a call, and he actually answered on the first try.  I asked him what the progress was, and he said the basement walls had been poured.  Tomorrow will be taking the frames down and doing some of the basement plumbing, and Wednesday he's going to meet me at the lot to walk around and talk about stuff.  When I got off the phone we were still headed out there, but luckily it occurred to me that there really wouldn't be anything new to see...they only filled the frames that I already took pictures of!  So we went to the gym pool instead.  The boys approved of that change of plan.  :)  I'll swing by tomorrow and take pictures of the walls after the frames are down.

So!  Let's talk about kitchens, shall we?

I've mentioned a couple of times that we're getting a second full-sized oven put into our island, since the Rome doesn't come with double wall ovens.  It took awhile to find a picture, but this is the cabinet that will be going in:


The orientation on that diagram is perfect, because it's going right here:

Now, Abby was asking me on my selections page what that meant for the other cabinets in the island, and I didn't know the answer.  So I went and I measured pretty much everything in the model kitchen, and it looks like no other cabinets will be affected (at least in terms of how the new cabinet FITS.  I don't know about buffer zones).  As part of my measuring project, I took pictures of all the cabinets with the doors open and drawers pulled out:

These outer cabinets are only 12" deep.  Cookbooks, maybe?

I couldn't reach the ones above the fridge.

Oops, forgot to open the ones above the microwave!

The lazy susan in here looks pretty flimsy.

The right-hand pair of doors is the cabinet we're losing for the oven.

I really like how all the lower cabinets have pull-out shelves.  Anyone know how much weight they can take?

Here are a couple other options I found that I'd like to get down the road...I'm pretty sure RH doesn't offer them.  ;)

I've seen on someone's blog that they DID get this through Ryan, but we can't here.

Those pesky cutting boards are so hard to find a home for!

This is something I had in my house growing up...why don't all houses have them?  Great for sponges!

And while we're on the subject of parents have the magnetic child locks installed in their cabinets, and I'd like to do that on mine (it's the only kind my son hasn't figured out yet!).  We're getting the solid wood doors, the Wyoming door...have any of you done that kind of lock on one of Ryan Homes's cabinets?  The doors in our current house are way too thin and flimsy.  My understanding is that you have to drill a hole for a metal rod, so you have to have a certain thickness of door.  Feedback appreciated!


  1. Hey Amanda, congrats....on the progress! I am sure they will waterproof before the plumbing. I will be checking in with our PM tomorrow to find out this weeks's schedule. He likes to be in contact via phone.

    Now on to the kitchens: The Double Down Project is down with me!!

    I absolutely love love love how you opened those cabinet doors. It gives me the perspective that I want to have because there isn't a model for miles from here. I just found out they closed the model in Bristow and the cabinets in their model did not have open cabinets on the gourmet island. I am thrilled to see them and can't wait to have them.

    Where can we order the recycle container, the cutting board rack etc.
    Another blogger used those very same products and they appear to make life so much easier with them. Unfortunately, I don't remember off hand where they purchased them but all the items above were on that site. I need to check my notes.

    BTW--your pictures super fabulous!!

    1. They didn't do any waterproofing today, and doesn't look like any plumbing, either...but it rained most of the day, so I'm not really surprised.

      The fact that you think there aren't openable doors there makes me nervous that we overlooked something...I'm going to double-check with my SR. You might want to check with yours!

      I don't know where to order them (maybe Lowes/Home Depot could do it?), but here is where I found the pictures:

  2. If you get the Safety 1st locks with the diamond shaped magnet handle, you don't need to drill any holes. They go on with screws. Thickness of the door only comes into play if it's too thick for the magnet to unlock the latch. Not likely to be a problem on a regular cabinet door. Very easy to use.
    We used some of the others that require the drilled hole, they are not as convenient to use after they're in. There's a little plastic lever that is in the up position for the unlocked setting, and sometimes it falls down, thus locking the door. Very hard on the fingernails when you're not expecting resistance!

    1. You and your fingernails. ;) Thanks for the clarification, Ma!

  3. I love those pull outs! We had one "pull out" option available but it was $300 & only included the pull out wastebasket & the tilt out tray under the sink. I definitely would have paid to upgrade to have all of those pull outs that you showed in you model!

    1. Yikes! I'm gonna have to double-check with my SR, you guys are making me think it's an upgrade or something!

  4. I just ordered a couple of the sponge drawer tilt out kits. They are the best! I'm going to put some in our bathroom too for hair ties and such. I like the cutting board idea too! I had never seen that before. Thanks for the ideas! Storage solutions make me so happy :).

    1. Me too! Hadn't thought of putting them in the bathroom, but I like that idea. I'm also plotting to steal your spice rack idea, because that is the epitome of storage AWESOMENESS. :D

  5. Colette, how are you getting the tilts....?? I have them in my current home...hadnt thought of it in our new home or the bathrooms, one smart cookie.....

    How did you order those, through your SR?

  6. I wanna know where to get those too!