Sunday, October 7, 2012

Panoramic view

I finally finished the bulk of my little project, so I went ahead and posted two new pages in the tabs above.  They're essentially the same thing, only one is per plan and the other is reversed (hello, captain obvious!).  They're even the same pictures, I just flipped them in Photoshop!  I can't get down to the reversed model during its very limited open hours (Sat & Sun) on a regular basis, so this'll do.  There's only the master suite for the upstairs at the moment, because the D model I go to is just too different for me, and I think that most of the other Romans here are building E/N or C/L.  If anyone comes along and wants to see the D from the inside, just let me know!

(In writing this post, I realized that I had taken but "misplaced" the photos of the loft in the C I'll get cracking on those!)

**edited to add:  I took the loft pictures before I started the pano project, so I was only able to get one usable pano out of them.  But I did add all those pics to the original Model Pics tab, so you can still see what a (reverse) C/E/L/N loft looks like.  And I'll get pano pics next time I go out there!


  1. Wooooowwwww! These are awesome Amanda! I can't wait to see the others? Is Elevation D a cottage elevation? What makes the difference? Of course, I would love to see the model pictures of D!! You did a fantastic job. I need to learn how to use photoshop!

    1. D is not cottage, the cottage version of it is the M. I think the D/M is the most square footage you can get... both the front bedrooms have the extra 2 feet, and so does half the loft. The loft is awkward because there's a "bump-in" where it's NOT the extra 2 feet.

      Did you see the loft pictures on the original model pics tab? I just didn't take pics that I could turn into panoramas, they're still good pics!

    2. I just looked at the picture for Elevation D! It has a very interesting front exterior. I am not getting the bump in. It would be nice to see it! I asked our PM does Elevation C come with the extra foot in each room and he said, NO! He proceeded to show me the layout from the blue prints and it doesn't call for the additional foot. It would have been nice!

    3. Okay, go look at the bottom of the elevations tab and let me know if that helps! :)