Friday, October 26, 2012

Framing Day 7 (Friday)

Well, the good news is that our trusses are up!!

Spot 1

Spot 2

Spot 3

Spot 4

Close-up of the gable structure

Gable profile

The bad news is that I didn't get to see any of it in action.  :(  Between when the PM called to say the crane was there and they were about to start, and when I was able to get there, they got them all up and the crane spirited away without a trace.  This was a matter of two hours!  They work fast.  

That was bright and early this morning, so I'm hopeful that they were able to get the roof finished today.  We'll see tomorrow!


  1. Don't feel bad--I missed that part too! Those bad boys were in and out!! You literally have to be there first thing in the morning because each time I arrived about 9 am they already had 3 hours of work completed.

    I love the gable structures. I did witness one Elevation E going up which was gorgeous but this will be the first one with a side entry to witness.

    Looking good Amanda!

    1. I was just really disappointed, since the PMs were great about letting me know when it was happening. There was just no way I could get there any earlier that morning than I did.

  2. Bummer that you missed the action, but they've made good progress!

  3. What a pretty roof line. Im not sure where you live but that darn storm Sandy is going to be intense for east coasters. I hope this doesn't affect your house. Maybe they can get it closed up today.

    1. Ha! Just saw that you are in Richmond. Yikes! I have a friend near there and she said they are preparing for this storm. Be safe.

  4. Looks good! I hope they got the roof done in time for the rain!!