Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It might have been today...

Our PM had said he hoped to break ground on 10/3, so after picking up my older boy from preschool we trekked out to take a look. We followed this truck into the neighborhood then watched as he sloooooooowly backed down our street:


It's hard to see in the picture, but he's got a bulldozer for cargo. They finally backed the truck into one of the empty lots and I was able to pull up in front of ours. Here's what I saw:


No digging yet, but they've delivered the frames for the footers/foundation/basement walls!

We went and "played" in the model for half an hour, mostly so the boys could use up some energy but also so I could take more pictures for a little project I'm working on.  More on that later, Nadase!  ;)  When we left I drove past again and that newly delivered bulldozer was perched on our lot!  This was around 12:30, so they could very well have done quite a bit of work.  We're going to be nearby tomorrow so I'm going to check things out on our way through in the morning.

(Also, congrats to Jessica, I hear you've been able to go non-contingent!  So you won't be too far behind us.  Our street is filling up fast!)


  1. Okay, Amanda!!! Fingers crossed! I think you are going to drive up to your LOT tomorrow and see a HOLE! That's what happened to us today. I knew the forecast shifted from rain to shine so I decided to check out the scene and was totally surprised because I wasn't expecting it until Thursday. What a blessing to see the frames on site! This means they get to keep it moving! Can't wait to see what happens for you tomorrow!

  2. Whee! I'm jealous, of course, but it'll be us soon

  3. Yes Amanda, we have finally sold our house and are non-contingent! We are planning to meet with the SR next week to figure out our timeline. Hopefully we can start pretty soon because I think every lot that has been sold has started building, right? Can't wait!

    1. Hi Jessica, congratulations!! What type of home are you building and are you blogging? Would love to follow your journey.

      we are at just click the join this site button to follow
      we are building a Rome home in Maryland.

    2. Hi! We are also building a Rome, Elevation E. To blog or not to blog? that is the question. I haven't decided whether or not we are going to blog about our experience yet. but i have been a long time lurker of your blog (and many others :) ) and have enjoyed reading about your journey.

    3. Woo-hoo! That's so exciting! I was looking at the map and 44 & 53 are sold but haven't started yet, I'm not sure about 13 because I frankly don't pay any attention to that section, and there are still 5 showing as available on our street. It seems likely that they would want to start those other two this week or next since they have those crews out there, so hopefully they won't hold you guys up! Where are you in the process? Make sure you see your plat before they start digging, and not just the preliminary one! :)