Monday, October 29, 2012

Framing Day 8 (Saturday)

Sorry for the blog was a crazy weekend but I'm finally recovered from the 4 year-old's birthday party. We went by the new house on our way to the party, and we have plywood on our roof.

Spot 1

Spot 2

Spot 3

Spot 4

Garage (floor has been poured!)

The gables, with ominous skies

We went back post-party (so around 4pm), and there wasn't much different to see (I didn't even get out of the car, but then I had a sleeping toddler, too).  In comparing pictures, I think they did seal around the windows some, but that's all I could tell on the outside.  Plenty of noise, though, so I guess they mostly worked inside all day.

Not sure what the plan is for Sandy coming in...guess I should go call the PM and find out!


  1. Wahoo! Your house is definitely a house now! I'm so excited for you!

  2. Wow! I love you deep porch. It's going to look great!

    1. Yes, that porch is my baby! I held out for that feature!