Thursday, October 25, 2012

Framing Day 6 (Thursday)

We went by early this afternoon to check on the house, and we had trusses!

Spot 1, with trusses!  And no trucks!

Mini trusses!  For the porch and garage?  Or morning room?  I'm thinking
that this isn't the orientation in which they will be installed...

Biiiiiiiiiig trusses
The workers must have been at lunch, because there was only one person in the house.  A couple important looking people were talking at a truck parked in front of the house, so we took that as our "official" presence and went in closer than I'd been able to go this week.  They didn't object so I guess we were fine.  Probably helped that we didn't attempt to go inside.

I see windows!  And our garage floor is ready to be poured.

Here you can see two places where LVL (the bright orange boards) is in use.

They're no longer winning any "cleanest jobsite" awards.  :)

We have basement stairs!  And you can see the two steel beams.
The workers started coming back, so after watching them start to unload the trusses we got out of the way and went about our day.  Around 3:30 the assistant PM called and said they had scheduled the crane to be delivered at 5, and they intended to get started on the trusses when it got there.  My PMs rock!  So we made another trip up there and saw that they were in the process of installing windows.  They'd probably gotten about 5 of them installed that I could see...might have been more around back but I had both boys, was by myself (adult-wise!) this time, and there are nails and screws everywhere.  We weren't getting out!

One of the installed windows, plus framework for the porch roof

Unfortunately the crane was NOT delivered, and though we kicked around in the model for awhile it still wasn't there at 6 so we went home.  :(  Hopefully tomorrow they'll get started bright and early, and beat Sandy to the punch!


  1. You are right! You must be careful of the boards with the nails sticking out! The house is definitely not user friendly at this stage. Fingers crossed you get those trusses installed tomorrow. Now as for me and my house--I am definitely in the LEAD! AND all my windows are installed! HOLLA!

  2. I hope they get you closed in before Sandy hits!